Waking Persephone

Performance at Waking Persephone

October 16, 2016. 8pm

Performance in the second night of performances at Waking Persephone in Seattle, Washington. Be sure to check out the many amazing workshops on offer during this unique and community-oriented festival!

Lake City Community Center
12531 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

Enta Omri – Special European Engagement

October 29, 2016, 8pm

Enta Omri—Arabic for “you are my life”—is a contemporary belly dance ballet, showcasing Arabic music and its physicalization through belly dance. Choreographed by the highly-influential and innovative dancer Suhaila Salimpour (USA), to classic Arabic music arranged and recorded by her long-time collaborator, musician Ziad Islambouli (Lebanon), this production is an intimate and emotional journey through a lifetime of love and loss.

Enta Omri showcases the artistic and technical possibilities of belly dance as a genre, shunning clichés and popular imagery. As Suhaila’s intent is for audiences to witness this intimate and distinctive production live and in person, she will not be releasing any video recording of it. Host Maëlle, the Salimpour School’s ambassador in Brussels, therefore decided to bring Enta Omri to Europe, to give lovers of Arabic music or dance the opportunity to watch it. Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to experience Enta Omri!

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Bal Anat – Special European Engagement

October 30, 2016, 7pm

Bal Anat, which translates to “Dance of the Mother Goddess Anat,” is a fantasy and folkloric belly dance show created by innovative dancer and instructor Jamila Salimpour in 1968, and revived by her daughter, Suhaila Salimpour. Drawing inspiration from the dances and cultures from around the Middle East, North Africa, the Anatolian Peninsula, and Persia, this colourful spectacle will entrance you with energetic dancing, rich costuming, exciting props, and the sounds of traditional musical instruments. Bal Anat is the oldest, continuously-running Middle Eastern dance company in the world, and has inspired thousands of dancers since its inception.
What began as a company of dancers based in the San Francisco area of California, USA, Bal Anat today is truly international. While the Suhaila Dance Company—based in the Salimpour School’s home studio in California—forms the core of Bal Anat, over thirty members of the Salimpour School will be traveling from throughout Europe and the United States to join them in this very first European appearance. This performance is sponsored and hosted by Maëlle, the Salimpour School’s ambassador in Brussels, who will be on stage with her troupe.
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