NEW eBook! Bellydance Paladin: 9 Years of Dance Blogging

What first started as a humble blog on (remember them?) grew into its own domain,, where I developed a loyal following of readers. I moved my blog to my new website, which you're looking at now, in 2014. But what happened to those older posts? They're right here.

This collection includes best, most popular, and some of the problematic posts of my past. It is a kind of bird's eye view of one dancer's journey into tribal fusion belly dance and back out again. Practitioners and historians will enjoy this volume for its first-hand account of tribal fusion on the East Coast of the United States in the 00s. It also includes photographs from my own archives, including some rarely-seen performance photos.

Cover for Bellydance Paladin eBook by Abigail Keyes


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Belly Dance Textbook: Salimpour School of Belly Dance Compendium Vol. 1

The book on belly dance you always wanted, but never existed, until now.

A full survey of Middle Eastern history, people, and languages, as well as belly dance history, the rise and fall of the American Middle Eastern nightclub, and an introduction to orientalism in belly dance. Includes full bibliography and index. This volume also includes an expanded 40+ page biography of Jamila Salimpour.

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$37.95 for .pdf / $72.95 for full-color hard-copy.

Salimpour Compendium book cover, written by Abigail Keyes