Abigail Keyes is a dancer and dance educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a background in Middle Eastern studies, her focus is on belly dance and Middle Eastern folk dances, as well as their Euro-American fusions. Her diverse professional skills (from writing for top US policy makers to teaching dance workshops with over 90 people in attendance, as well as in-depth study of modern dance and Pilates) make her uniquely situated as both a mover and teacher. 

She wishes to foster curiosity, a strong work ethic, creativity and individuality, as well as an overall improved sense of physical and mental well-being in all of her students. Whether she is teaching Suhaila Salimpour or Jamila Salimpour Formats, or Creative Dance-based workshops, she believes that the experience and enrichment of the student is paramount. Exchanging knowledge—physical, historical, cultural, and creative—is the ultimate goal of every class, for beginners and experienced dancers alike.

She is available to teach workshops and master classes as well as private lessons.


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