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    • Exporiental Podcast: Volume 1

      Over the years, I’ve collected quite a lot of music that crosses the lines between traditional and electronica. I first

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    • An open letter to the administration at Mills College

      Recent proposed curriculum changes at the small, private, women-only, liberal arts institution Mills College, which sits in the Oakland hills

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    • The Ego and Ethics

      I admit that I don’t have a background in psychology or even a strong background in philosophy… so if I

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    • Donate to Survivors of Domestic Violence

      In response to the recent events and revelations regarding Tribal Fest, a yearly festival that has been a cornerstone of

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    • Consistent Challenges are the Key to Progress

      About a week ago, I finished up my first year as a graduate student in dance at Mills College. My

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    • What are we seeing, anyway?

      Many times I see fellow dancers commenting that they “Loved!” a performance that they saw, or that a performance was

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    • The Dancer and the Dance: A Tale of Dis/Re/Connection

      Let’s start with an anecdote. The other day, a friend of mine and I were comparing notes about how when

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    • salimpour-logo1

      New Class Schedule at the Salimpour School

      Beginning on May 8, our class schedule will introduce a few changes.
    • Classes – Week of March 23, 2015

      I will be teaching all of the belly dance classes at the Salimpour School this week. Come and get your

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    • Coffee in Istanbul

      Welcome to the new

      Welcome to the new!