I'm Abigail, and I'm a dancer, educator, and performer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I've been involved in the performing arts for over 30 years, and have a background in both Middle Eastern studies and various dance disciplines. I mostly focus on Middle Eastern folk dances (primarily belly dance), and their Euro-American fusions.

I've written for top US policy makers, taught dance workshops with over 90 people in attendance, and recently earned an MA in Dance Studies. I take my unique experiences into the studio classroom to help you be the best dancer you can be.

My classes and workshops foster curiosity, a strong work ethic, creativity and individuality, as well as an overall improved sense of physical and mental well-being. Exchanging knowledge—physical, historical, cultural, and creative—is the ultimate goal of every class, for beginners and experienced dancers alike.

Come take a class, a workshop, or a Skype/Google Hangouts private lesson.

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